Lady’s breast implant deflects bullet, saving her life

In a case research revealed to the SAGE medical journal final week, docs described how a silicone breast implant deflected a bullet away from a 30-year-old girl’s very important organs.

The incident, which passed off in 2018 in Toronto, Canada, is one in every of solely a handful of situations recorded in medical literature the place a breast implant performed a job in saving a affected person’s life, and the primary recorded occasion of a silicone implant doing so, surgeon Giancarlo McEvenue advised CNN.

Docs famous that the silicone implant was probably liable for deflecting the bullet’s trajectory — finally saving the girl’s life.

There are two varieties of breast implants permitted on the market in america. They each have a silicone outer shell, however one is saline-filled, and the opposite is silicone gel-filled. They’ll range in measurement, shell thickness, shell floor texture and form, and are sometimes implanted to extend breast measurement or to rebuild breast tissue, corresponding to after a mastectomy or different harm to the breast.

Although the precise particulars of the taking pictures are unclear, surgeon McEvenue advised CNN that the affected person walked into an area emergency division in search of therapy after being shot within the chest.

“She was speaking — the trauma staff was in disbelief at how properly she was,” McEvenue, one of many treating surgeons, mentioned.

“The bullet wound entry was on the left breast, however the rib fracture was on the correct aspect. The bullet entered the pores and skin on the left aspect first, after which ricocheted throughout her sternum into the correct breast and broke her rib on the correct aspect,” he defined.

“The implant precipitated the change within the trajectory of the bullet,” he mentioned.

The girl suffered a gunshot wound, damaged ribs and damaged implants, however in any other case was remarkably unscathed.

Intraoperative view of left breast implant showing bullet trajectory through implant.

“On the left hand aspect is the center and lungs — if the bullet would have gone into the chest, she would have had a way more severe, presumably life-threatening damage,” McEvenue added.

Medics discovered a tough, bullet-like object within the girl’s proper decrease anterior thoracic wall under the correct breast.

Utilizing trauma radiographs, medics have been capable of spot the bullet in the correct lateral thoracic wall, a fractured rib and air bubbles within the left breast, and concluded that the bullet traveled from the left breast to the correct thoracic wall.

The affected person was later evaluated and cleared by the trauma service, docs mentioned, however the firearm was by no means recovered and the shooter stays unknown, in accordance with the report.

Docs handled the wound by eradicating the implants, irrigating the wound and prescribing a brief course of antibiotics, they famous within the report.

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